After purchase you will receive both 2-day ticket for the festival and a Limited Edition Turku Modern Diagram of Life tote bag.

Program venue location: Storage, 2nd. floor, Aurakatu 5, 20100, Turku, Finland.


Festival entry information will be delivered to you via email.


Recycled tote bag with golden ink Turku Modern Diagram of Life

Top edge double folded for strength and clean finish
Long handles with reinforced cross stitch
Shaping seam at bottom to create volume 


80% Recycled Cotton, 20% Recycled Polyester 

300 Gsm

Front panel width 37 cm

Front panel hight 43 cm

Total strap length 65 cm


You will get your hands on your own piece at the festival weekend. Our festival office will pass you the tote bag after checking your ID and confirming your order by showing us your purchase information (Order number, email, name) for the festival crew. 

No delivery option this time!


For a limited amount of time, Turku Modern offers for every festival goer a discount code with our partner Omena Hotels! 10% off! After purchase you will receive the code to your email.

1+1+1 - 2-Day Festival Ticket + Limited Edition Tote Bag

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